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The Game

  1. 8 game guarantee with 20 minute halves per game

  • 1 minute half time intervals

  • No stoppage timek

  1. Games are played 5v5 including the goal keeper

  2. The game ends when one team has 11 more goals than the other or when time expires

  3. One full period of overtime (no golden goal) will be added to games that require a winner and end in a tie (i.e. finals)

  4. A forfeit results in a 3:0 loss unless the game has started and the score differential is 3 or more in favor of the non-forfeiting team

  5. Rosters cannot be changed after the 6th game unless replacing an injured player who cannot play for 3 or more months (with a doctor’s note)

  6. Seasonal standings are determined by (1) points, (2) goal differential, (3) goals for, (4) goals against, (5) head to head competition, (6) least red cards, (7) least yellow cards, (8) coin toss

  7. Play-off participation in competitive divisions: Top 2 teams play in a final to determine a winner

  8. Standings are held in most divisions, first place in these results in medals and also a trophy for the top divisions of competition.

  9. The clock starts at the scheduled time

  • A team forfeits if they are not ready to play within 10 minutes

  1. The seasons are year round and ongoing

  2. A limited amount of teams will be registered in any given season. First teams to turn in roster, registration, & fees will be considered for a division

  3. A minimum of 3 or a maximum of 5 players per team must be on the field to start or continue any game.

  • Players serving penalty time for 6 fouls or a yellow card count towards the minimum

  1. Substitutions are done “on the fly”

  • The referee’s permission is not necessary

  • Players coming off must be within 10 feet (3 meters) of the lie and cannot interfere with play before the substitute can enter the field

  • Substitution rule is players must sub in/sub out on your team’s side.

  • Substitution  on opponent’s side will result in an indirect free kick

The Players

  1. Metal cleats are not permitted

  • Indoor or turf shoes, or molded plastic/rubber cleats are acceptable

  • Shin guards are required

  1. All players must be 30 or older to be eligible to play in the 30 and older division

  2. Up to three players from a higher division are permitted for each team in the open divisions

  • i.e. 3 “B” players can join the same “C” team. No “A” players can play a “C” team.

  1. Players may only play for one team in the same division

  2. Players may transfer to another team in the same division until the beginning of the 7th game only if the coach of the team they are leaving agrees

  3. A valid government issued ID must be available for any player if requested by the referee

  4. Only the opposing team can protest illegal players to the referee or league administrator no later than 10 minutes after the game ends

  5. League fees per team: $400.00

  • No partial payments will be accepted. No exceptions

  1. Teams that pay by due dates will be the only teams added to schedules. Games begin the following week

  2. Rosters are due at the time of registration to help ensure proper placement of teams

  • We reserve the right to place teams in the appropriate divisions based on win/loss records or the roster from previous seasons

  1. A maximum of up to 12 players per team roster. Players Must SIGN and PLAY by the end of the 2nd game!

  2. Numbers are REQUIRED on the back of jersey tops

  3. Each player is required to sign a roster before taking the field for the first game they play in a season

  4. Player "sharing" in any division is not permitted. You may play on one team per league division


  1. Fouls or abusive language from players or fans will not be tolerated

  2. No slide tackles

  • This means that a player shall not slide if an opponent is close enough to be endangered through this action.

  • The goalie may slide if the cleats are not up. A player is considered to be sliding if s(he) moves horizontally and touches the ground  with any part of the body other than the feet

  1. No offside

  2. Opponents shall respect a distance of at least 10 feet (3 meters) from the ball on any restart

  3. Restarts must be kicked into play within 5 seconds or the opposing team receives an indirect free kick

  4. Any PK or indirect free kick inside the penalty area will be taken from the middle of the top of the penalty area

  5. All balls leaving the field of play are kicked in and are indirect with two exceptions:

  • Corner kicks are direct and goal kicks must be thrown in by the goalkeeper.

  1. Balls that touch any part of the building structure are out of bounds and are kicked in from the side line

  2. A violation results in an indirect kick for the opposing team from the center line at either side of the field

  3. A player who commits 6th team foul must sit out for 2 minutes or until the opposing team scores

  4. Fouls that result in a yellow or red card don’t count for the team’s foul tally

  5.  A player who is shown a yellow card must sit out for 2 minutes or until the opposing team scores

  6. Any field player can serve a 2-minute penalty for the goalkeeper

  7. In coed, the player must be the same gender as the goalkeeper

  8. A player who is shown a red card- MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING

  9. The team may replace the player after the full 5 minutes penalty has elapsed

  10. If a coach or substitute is shown a yellow or red card, a player must be removed from the field to serve the penalty

  11. 3 yellow cards in the same season result in an automatic one game suspension

  12. A red card results in a minimum of 1 game suspension in the same division

  13. A red card issued for violent conduct results in a 5 game suspension

  14. 3 accumulated  RED cards in a 12 month period will result in the player’s suspension from league play for 1 year at Next Level Soccer

  15. A fight in which multiple blows are exchanged or perpetrated results in a 1 year suspension

  16. If additional time is added by the disciplinary committee or the facility/league administration for any other reason, the suspension will apply to all Next Level Soccer leagues and divisions

  17. 2 red cards in the same season result in a minimum 5 game suspension

  18. 3 red cards in the same season result in a minimum 8 game suspension and 6 months’ probation pending a 1 year suspension

  19. 2 multiple game suspensions within 12 months result in a 1 year suspension.

  20. A second violation which results in a 1 year suspension will result in a permanent  suspension  form Next Level Soccer

  21. A player who is suspended for a third 1 year violation will be suspended indefinitely and will no longer be welcome to participate in Next Level Soccer leagues

  22. Children at Next Level must be supervised at all times. If a guardian is playing soccer, bring along another adult to supervise

  • Children are not permitted to be on the sidelines during games for safety reasons

  • Children are not permitted to be on the field before or after games

  1. We have the right to refuse service to anyone